Responsibility: The Company takes responsibility for the environment and safety of employees. The York employee is accountable for their actions and takes ownership of their role and impact in the company.

Integrity: A York employee is trustworthy, honest, self-disciplined and someone you can respect. These loyal individuals contribute to organisational loyalty and dedication which filters throughout the business.

Innovation: York seeks employees that are enthusiastic, creative, dynamic, inspiring, energetic, adaptive thinkers and have a growth mindset. This will ensure the company is competitive, solution driven, has the ability to evolve and unlock opportunities.

Connectivity: This involves people being enthusiastic about teamwork and the York team, valuing client relationships, communication with all stakeholders and community partnerships. Collaboration between business units is valued.

Commitment: Individuals are committed to York as a whole, they are hard-working, devoted, believe in the company strategy and share business goals. The company aims at excellence in quality products, a high quality work environment and excellent customer service.