CompositionObjectives and functions
Chairman: Gavin Tipper

Other committee members:
Dr Azar Jammine
Shakeel Meer
Thabo Mokgatlha

The CEO, CFO, Corporate Financial Manager, internal and external auditors attend by invitation.

The Company Secretary acts as the Committee Secretary.

The Board is satisfied that the committee has performed its responsibilities in compliance with its terms of reference for the period under review.

  • Review the annual financial statements, interim reports, preliminary or provisional results announcements, summarised integrated information, any other intended release of price-sensitive information and prospectuses, trading statements and similar documents

  • Comment in the annual financial statements on the financial statements, the accounting practices and its consideration of the effectiveness of the internal financial controls

  • Ensure published financial reports comply with relevant legislation, reporting standards and codes of governance

  • Recommend the approval of the integrated annual report to the Board

  • Ensure that the combined assurance received is appropriate to the significant financial risks of the Company

  • Review the expertise, resources and experience of the Company’s finance function as well as the expertise and experience of the CFO

  • Monitor the functioning of the internal audit function and approve the Internal Audit Plan

  • Confirm the nomination and recommend the appointment of the external auditor

  • Approve the terms of engagement and remuneration of the external auditor

  • Pre-approve contracts for non-audit services to be rendered by the external auditor