CompositionObjectives and functions
Chairman: Paul Botha

Other committee members:
Dr Jim Myers
Pieter van Zyl
Eric Droomer

The senior management team attends by invitation.

The Company Secretary acts as the Committee Secretary.

The Board is satisfied that the committee has performed its responsibilities in compliance with its terms of reference for the period under review.

  • Identify and ensure an appropriate risk management framework, risk management methodology and policy, together with an annual review of the risk management plan for recommendation to the Board

  • Oversee that the risk management plan is widely disseminated throughout York and integrated in the day-to-day activities of York and monitor implementation thereof by means of risk management systems and processes

  • Make recommendations to the Board concerning the levels of tolerance and appetite and monitoring that risks are managed within the levels of tolerance and appetite as approved by the Board

  • Ensure that risk assessments and risk monitoring are performed on a continuous basis in a manner that will enhance risk management maturity and that implementation of frameworks and methodologies increases the possibility of anticipating unpredictable risks

  • Ensure that there is a robust process in place to identify and take advantage of opportunities to improve York’s performance and sustainability through the use of IT systems

  • Ensure that management implements the structures, processes and mechanisms to give effect to the IT governance framework in a manner that is effective, appropriate, timely and accurate in terms of IT management, privacy and security

  • Monitor and evaluate the resilience arrangements for disaster recovery and ensure that IT risks are adequately addressed through the risk management framework

  • Continuously monitor and seek ways in which to develop York’s operational effectiveness and cost competitiveness through technological advancement

  • Develop processes and procedures for exploring, pioneering, considering and implementing insightful feasibilities that lead to operational improvements in relation to operational (and internal) processes and products