York Timber Holdings Limited ("York") is a forest products enterprise. The company was incorporated in 1916 and has been listed on the JSE since 1946.

York provides strategic, administrative and technical management to its subsidiaries. Its main operating subsidiary, York Timbers Limited, operates in various markets, domestic and overseas, and in various sectors of the timber trade and industry. The core business of the group is sawmilling. Our log mills convert round softwood into a wide range of sawn lumber products such as structural timber, scaffolding, furniture components, wood laminates, kitchen cupboard parts, brush and broom handles as well as wood chips for pulp and paper. We market sawn lumber to the construction, furniture, packaging and other industries, as well as to timber merchants generally, partly through a network of independent timber agents.

In addition, the company owns 28,000 hectares of unplanted land reserved for conservation, streams, natural heritage sites, roads and access routes.

York Land Utilisation

    28 000 hectares:
Conservation, natural heritage sites and roads
    58 000 hectares:
Plantable Pine areas
    6 000 hectares:
Plantable Eucalyptus area