Our timber is manufactured to very stringent quality specifications. York timber is manufactured strictly from plantations which are renewable resources and no natural or endangered forests are denuded in the process.

Structural Timber

As one of the largest producers of sawn timber in Africa, York Timbers offers a broad range of kiln dried pine timber in short (0,9 meters to 2,9 meters) and long lengths (3,0 meters to 6,6 meters).

Each piece of structural timber produced by York Timbers carries a grade mark which defines its load carrying capacity in accordance with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

C.C.A. treatment is available if necessary

Timber at York Timbers is produced in the following grades, sizes and lengths:

Grade Nominal Actual Rough sawn Regularized Planed top and bottom Planed Lengths
  Size Size     smooth ripped 4 sides  
BBB 38x38 36x36 no   yes   A,B,C
BBB 38x50 36x47 no   yes   A,B,C
V5 38x114   yes       A,B,C
V5 38x152   yes       A,B,C
V5 38x228   yes       B,C,
V5 50x152   yes       B,C,
V5 50x228   yes       B,C,
V5 76x228   yes       B,C,
S5 (V5P) 38x76 36x73 no   yes   A,B,C
S5 (V5P) 38x114 36x111 no     yes A,B,C
S5 (V5P) 38x152 36x149 no     yes A,B,C
S5 (V5P) 38x228 36x224 no yes     B,C,
M7 38x114 36x111 no     yes B,C,
M7 38x152 36x149 no     yes B,C,
M7 38x228 36x224 no yes     B,C,
S5 (V5P) 50x76 47x73 no   yes   A,B,C
Lengths A:  0,9-2,7 meters
B: 3,0-4,2 meters
C: 4,5-6,6 meters

Standard Specifications

Species: Pinus Elliotii Pinus Patula: ( Mexican and Southern-Yellow Pine). In appearance and physical properties these are virtually indistinguishable.
Thickness Rough Sawn 25mm/38mm/50mm
  PAR 22mm/36mm/48mm
  Rough Sawn 76mm/100mm/114mm/152mm/228mm
Lengths 0.90m to 6.60m in 300mm increments. If only fixed length is required, the manufacture involves finger jointing, which adds a cost of approximately US$50,00 per metre cubed.
Packing: By securely strapped export bundles. If each bundle is to be covered with plastic sheeting ( table cloth ) add $3 per metre cubed ( for lumber wrap add $5 per metre cubed) to quoted rates.
Loading : Our staff is in attendance during the loading of the ship in order to ensure that bundles are stowed correctly in the hold
Grades We manufacture four basic grades of S.A. Pine. These are:

1. Clear grade
Select grade
Furniture grade
All used for furniture manufacture.
2. Industrial grade For furniture and industrial use (cable drums, pallets/coffins, boxes, etc.).
3. Structural grades Used for general construction.
4. Black Cross grade
Crating grade
Packaging grade
This is the lowest grade and is used for pallet manufacture, crating, packaging etc.

The structural grades are graded in strict accordance with SANS 1783 and independently verified by SATAS.
The timber grades manufactured by us are strictly in accordance with South African National Standards (SANS) and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 or the individual customer specifications.

Volume mix: Our productions consists of approximately –

65% in Structural/ Industrial Grade (Including S-grades)

20% in Clear Grade/Select Grade/Furniture Grade

15% in Crating/Black Cross Grade
Kiln drying: All timber is kiln dried, and generally no further treatment is required. If any treatment is requested this is done after the kiln drying.
Treating: Timber is treated with Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) or CCA with water repellent wax additive. The treatment process involves a vacuum pressure treatment in an autoclave. The water based solvent has a deep penetration. We do not kiln dry after CCA treatment, and as such, freight costs are affected due to the additional plus minus 25% weight.
Prices: When inquiring, please indicate price expectations and whether you wish timber to be sent by Break Bulk or by Containerisation. All our prices are quoted in US$ for the execution by Letter of Credit payable on sight of shipping documents.
Insurance: We will insure your shipment on your behalf at an additional cost of 1% of the value.