York Timbers Strike Information

30 August 2018

At the community meeting held in May 2018, York committed to keeping the Sabie community updated of activities within York that may impact the greater Sabie residents.

There is presently an illegal strike against York and this communication serves to provide you with the factual situation so that you are not confused or provided with distorted information. During the April/ May 2018 unprotected strike, 48 York employees committed acts of misconduct including assault, damage to property, inciting violence and blocking entrances. York is pursuing disciplinary actions against these employees for the misconduct committed during this strike.

The hearings were delayed by the 48 members’ union leadership through purported efforts of engagement with York. The leadership of the union concerned has informed York that the employees who are their members that have been charged for misconduct, and will not be attending the disciplinary hearings. This strike has now been called in response to disciplinary charges being laid for misconduct.

York is bound by and must act within the ambit of the law and cannot abdicate the right to discipline its employees as per the Code of Conduct of the Company and the Labour Relations Act. York is required to act fairly and consistently and its management team have done everything possible to negotiate with the union concerned to avert the strike action underway. Furthermore, employees whose rights to a safe and secure working environment have been infringed by intimidation and victimisation also have the right to be protected.

We are anticipating that misinformation will be spread and request that you contact York HR Officers for the correct factual information regarding the current status of the situation. They can be reached at 013 764 9200.The York management team requests that the community works together to keep any strike related incidents to a minimum. If you notice any suspicious behaviour, please report it to the police or the York Help Line 0860 967 572.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding.