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Using all of our valuable capitals

Our nursery develops high-yielding tree species to allow optimal site and species matching. The trees harvested from our plantations, together with logs purchased from other growers, are processed at our sawmills and plywood plant. Our processing facilities operate at recoveries greater than target to ensure the optimum usage of the harvested timber.

We continuously seek improvements and opportunities in the integrated operations of primary and value-added processes. A biomass plant will substantially improve our raw material optimisation capabilities as the forest biomass and biomass residue can be used to generate electricity.

Our finished products, both lumber and plywood, are distributed to our customers either directly from each mill or via warehouses. Our customers include truss plants, corporate and independent retailers, remanufacturers, furniture manufacturers and construction contractors.

Natural Capital

Our nursery and FSC certified plantations are the start of the value chain.

Manufactured Capital

Our 3 sawmills and plywood plant ensure optimum usage of the raw material.

Intellectual Capital

Value creation is achieved through optimisation.

Human Capital

We attract, develop and retain a wide variety of skills.

Social Capital

We are mindful of the community and environment in which we operate.

Financial Capital

We ensure effective utilisation of and sustainable return on shareholder funds.

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